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Energie Solar
The future of solar energy


Solar Panels providing hot water & central heating, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

One of the most efficient solar panel systems available

Our solar panel heating system is going to revolutionise the way we think about heating our homes & providing our hot water. Our system surpasses solar panel technology available in the UK today.

Well, other ‘solar panel’ systems available enable you to gain heat from the sun for approximately 60% of the year due to our climate. The rest of the year you will have to rely on a back up system to provide heat.

So, why pay for something that only does half a job?
Energie-solar’s panels are different. Not relying on sunshine as its sole source of energy, we provide a system that can provide heat for 365 days year, come rain or shine. This is due to the thermo-dynamic principles involved within our new panels. No fragile glass tubes that need replacing, just sleek unobtrusive flat panels collecting heat down to 0°C to heat your hot water or run your central heating.

So, whether you want to heat your water, centraly heat your house or even heat your swimming pool, we can help.

How do the Solar panels provide hot water and central heating 365 days a year?

A proven system

The Energie-solar system has been commercially and domestically used and continually developed in Europe for the last 16 years with over 3000 installations completed in the last 3 years.