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Energie Solar
The future of solar energy


Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions.

Can the system centraly heat a house?
Yes, it is the main applications of the system.

What direction should the panels be positioned?

Preferably should be directed to south but not so important

How much does each panel weigh?
Approximately 8 kg.

What size is the panel
Each panel measures 80x200cm

How many panels are needed to provide hot water for a family of 5 persons?
For a family of 5 persons, the system normally used will be the ECO300 (300lts) with 1 solar panel.

What temperature can be achieved for baths?
Approximately 55 ºC.

Can it be adapted to existing central heating systems (radiators, convectors or under floor heating)?
Yes ideally convectors, radiant floor, ventilation convectors or radiators (big bore).

Do I need to have a special plumbing installation?
No, your current heating system's plumbing will usually do.

Do the panels have to be installed on the roof?
No, they can also be installed on a terrace, balcony, on the ground, pretty much anywhere outside!

What refrigerant is used?
Two types of gas are used in Energie Solar systems, hot water uses R134a and for the central heating systems and swimming pools we use R407c.

In the event of a leak, is the gas dangerous?
No, they are environmentally friendly and non-toxic gases.

Is it necessary to carry loads of temporary coolant?

Does the Energie Solar system require much maintenance?

How far can the Panels be installed from the thermo accumulator?

The distance can not exceed 15m vertically and/or 30m horizontally.

What is the energy consumption?
It depends on the system in question, but all of our systems consume so little electrical power when compared to the thermal power supplied, for Example: The ECO 300 consumes 390w of electrical power and delivers 1690w of heating power (a power increase factor of 4.33:1)

Do the panels rust?
The panels are aluminium anodised, so corrosion is not an issue.

Can the panels be painted?
Yes but ideally in dark colours.

How do you fix the panels?
The panels can be fixed by the six mounting holes.

What Guarantee does the Energie Solar system come with?
The panels come with a 5 year guarantee and Thermo Accumulator comes with a 2 year guarantee.